Silver Inn Restaurant Reviews

Read these restaurant reviews and discover what our customers say about the delicious food and courteous service at the Silver Inn Restaurant.

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"Worth driving from anyplace"

"The ginger beef served at the Silver Inn is sweet and spicy with an addictive balance of beef, crust, and sauce."
Michael Stern

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"The Silver Inn is worth a trip just to taste their succulent ginger beef."

"Silver Inn offers a sweet and spicy take on this classic, with plenty of sauce for finger-licking goodness."
Sylvonna Beech

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"We've been dining at the Silver Inn for several years and it just keeps getting better and better. The food is reasonably priced, staff is courteous and the dishes are excellent."
Grace, Calgary

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The Calgary Herald reviewed the Silver Inn July 2002 and here is what was said:

"Silver Inn still a jewel for jaded palates"

"The best hot and sour soup in the city"

"We had stir-fried green beans with barbecued pork. An excellent choice: the beans were tender-crisp and the pork, generously sliced and alloted, gave the dish a delicious smoky flavour."